Make your life healthier with our

Mini Farm

Mini Farm bridges the gap between modern life and nature. It is ideal for growing herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables all year round, no matter how big your apartment or house is. Mini Farm is perfect for singles, couples and families with limited space.

Mini Farm

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299 | incl. VAT per unit
  • plus delivery costs

Key Features

Magnetic Pump

  • Oxygenates water
  • Circulates Nutrition flow
  • 100% efficient

Full Spectrum LED

  • Energy-efficient
  • Accelerates plants growth
  • Fully automated

11 Baskets

  • 11 reusable baskets to grow 11 large plants
  • No soil needed

Why should you buy a Mini Farm?

Indoor plants have been proven to enhance the atmosphere of a room and the health of its inhabitants. They can be consumed, reduce stress, improve air quality and overall well-being.

On top, the cultivation of hydroponic vegetables is the most sustainable method in terms of how we produce our food. Everyone should make greater use of hydroponics at home, as it saves the transportation of far-flung vegetables and conserves fresh water, as indoor agriculture at home uses only 1/10 of the fresh water with hydroponic technology. Growing vegetables at home also means that you can harvest your produce right before serving food and therefore have high quality vegetables on your plate. Our Mini Farm makes it possible to cultivate plants in the busiest and smallest homes 365 days a year.

Dead easy

Kickstart your healthier lifestyle today with Mini Farm. 

Mini Farm is a simple system. Its all-in-one standalone compact design lets you grow your greens without intense intervention – on every windowsill!

Life changing

Experience the magic of gardening and enjoy the most flavourful tastes and most wonderful aromas all year round at home. Order your Mini Farm today! 


At present we are planning out  TRUE VEG COMPETENCE CENTER, which will become a permanent exhibition, showcasing our product groups, consulting & service programs and know-how transfer on the highest standards to clients and hydroponic interested consumers. 

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