Introducing the Ponic Pod

Introducing the Ponic Pod developed by True Veg in partnership with Dryspace and OASE.

With a sleek design, excellent insulation values and the same modular opportunities as other products of this type, the Ponic pod could be the ideal solution for urban farmers or those requiring a controlled growing environment. Ease of transportation and installation is assured through careful consideration of construction materials and off site prefabrication where possible.

The smooth outer skin not only looks attractive but also provides a blank canvas perfect for branding, whilst internally, climates are easier to control than regular shipping containers due to specially designed walling systems and built in insulation. These are truly efficient solutions for intensive growing, delicate produce cultivation or simply where space to grow plants is limited or difficult.

Available exclusively from True Veg, further details can be found on our  website soon or by getting in contact.

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